A well equipped library is functioning in our college. Subjects related books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers etc. are kept in our library in a systematic manner. A calm and quiet atmosphere is provided to students for silent reading. Students can avail books during working hours( 9.00 am to 5.00pm)

Computer Lab
College is having well equipped computer lab consists of 27 brand new computers with internet connection. The speed of all computers is 200mbps also installed uninterrupted power supply facility. It is beneficial for conducting Kerala University online examination

Science Lab
Well equipped Science Laboratory for transacting information based on Natural Science and Physical Science Education.

Field Trip
An exposure trip to various places of educational and historical importance conducted during the course of study. Such programmes provide opportunities for student teachers to learn and get acquitted with the process of conducting a field work or study tour and understanding the environment around.

Yoga, Health and Physical Education
Department of Physical education conduct variety physical and health activities in our college. Health education classes and seminars, Yoga club, health club and sports club. Sports day also conducted in our college.

Community Living Camp
We have to organize 5 day residential community living camp/citizenship training camp. Learning to live together co-operatively,participation in programmes for the development of personal & social skills to develop social relatival sensibilities and effective communication skill practicing democratic living division of lbaour, community work etc.are the major outcomes of the programme. Assessment of participation has to be done on the basis of an assessment schedule.


"Vidya prabudhatha"